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So... it's been a long time. Hope things aren't awkward between us, I lost your number.. I swear.
Anyway, had a job interview today, went swell. I shaved my beard and everything, they'd better hire my ass. Get me out of the old folks home and into the IT home.
Moved from Melville rd to Sydney rd, it is the best unit.
Lately I've been listening to Mares of Thrace, Alexisonfire - Dogs Blood, City & Colour, Antony & the Johnsons, Grinderman.
Pretty devastated that Grinderman played 2 shows in Melbourne about 4 days ago and I just found out.
Getting excited to see AFP in a wee whiles. Should be all kinds of Vegemite-hating fun.

Writer's Block: The table has turned

The answer is: Because it was interfering with my love life. What's the question?

Why I had to stop playing Pokemon

Nov. 19th, 2009

I'm never complaining about the cold weather in Melbourne ever again

New Music

Bands I've recently started to listen to: A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Dananananaykroyd, Chicks on Speed, Pissed Jeans, Jay Reatard, nisennenmondai, Cameran, Collapse Under Eyes, longdistancerunner, DESA, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Horse the band, Glassjaw, Portugal the man and Art Vs Science.

Rainforest alliance

So Rainforest Alliance sounds like a good organisation.
Dedicated to sustainable crops and forestry, supporting farms that look after their workers, protecting wildlife habitats and all that other good stuff that really we should have in place anyway.
I don't think people or organisations should be applauded, rewarded or put on a pedestal because they don't use child slaves or essentially rape the planet.
So on first impression Rainforest Alliance seems like an organisation I'd like to support for all the reasons above, however what they don't list on their website is that they don't have a base buy price, so if the market fluctuates the farmers are not covered.
For example in 2003 a pound of coffee was being sold to Rainforest Alliance for US$0.50 which did not cover the costs of production.
Even in 2007, when the market had recovered quite a bit, a pound of coffee was being bought at US$1.20 by Rainforest Alliance, which is 9% less then the fairtrade minimum.
Also if you are drinking some coffee that is Rainforest Alliance and you're feeling all smug inside, thinking 'Yeah look at me, I'm so self-righteous.' Although in reality you're just spending more for coffee that really didn't cost the company more to buy.
While you're sipping on your smugaccino take into consideration that even if your coffee is branded Rainforest Alliance, only 30% of the coffee beans have to be sourced from farms that share the Rainforest Alliance's vision of sustainable practices. 30%? That isn't even the majority. 70% of the coffee is most likely coming from the large farms that are exploiting workers, coating their crops in Monsanto juice and making it so hard for these small farms to stay afloat.
Even though Rainforest Alliance states that it is set up to support these smaller farms it is more focused on supporting the medium-large scale farms that will in the long run make the smaller farms go bankrupt.
Just recently Lipton Tea have launched an advertising campaign saying that they source tea through the Rainforest Alliance. Although they only use 50% Rainforest Alliance source tea, so 50% of Lipton's tea is from Rainforest Alliance but really only 30% of that 50% (15% in total) is actually from farms that use sustainable practices.
This is what Rainforest Alliance is trying to do, get on board with already big companies (McDonalds, Kraft, etc) and give them this glossy 'eco' sheen to make them seem like they have ridded themselves of their evil past, but really these big companies haven't turned 'hippy', they still don't give a fuck about the environment, they have just realised that if they make it seem on the surface like they give a crap, people will buy it
So hooray for Rainforest Alliance, they are proof that slapping some 'green/eco' sounding words on their product will get support.
If you really give a crap about where your coffee comes from in Melbourne go to this link or ask your local café where they get their coffee beans and if it isn't fair trade, why?
Happy caffination

Tang! Tang! Tang!

Saw The Barons of Tang play the East with The Beards supporting. Holy crap, it was an incredible gig.
The Beards are a funny band, who funnily enough write songs about beards, such as: If you're dad doesn't have a beard, you've got 2 mums, no beard no good and my girl left me for a man without a beard. They have convinced me to stop shaving.
The Barons were incredible, I had heard some of their songs on their myspace page but they are so much better live. They truely live up to their title of gypsy death-core, everyone was dancing up a storm. After the gig I bought their EP and a few of their patches. They are probably my new favourite band, will definitely be checking them out again and again, I'm glad that they are a Melbourne-based band.
Speaking of music, I've been listening to PJ Harvey lots lately, her song with Thom Yorke 'This Mess We're In' is so damn good, don't know why I have just started listening to her. Also been listening to José Gonzalez, The Knife, Handsome Furs and the new Alexisonfire album.
On Thursday went and saw HP at the IMAX in Carlton, it was redankulously cool, the first 30 minutes were in 3D.
When I finished watching it was thinking 'but they left out this and this' but I guess they have to try and skim over a chunk of details to make it movie-friendly.
I also watched 'Your Mommy Kills Animals', it is a really great doco. Should be watched by anyone who remotely gives a crap about animals or human rights

Jul. 7th, 2009

Jul. 5th, 2009

Damn Shakahari was tasty last night.
Also Casa Del Gelato is freaking awesome. Vegan Gelato with flavours like Baci, coffee, chocolate, hazelnut and pistaccio.
It rocks